Escape from Cloud City

 Cloud City, by fullnilson, on flickr

Classic Photography

With the constant stream of high quality MOCs being posted on Eurobricks during the last few months, I haven’t had many opportunities to continue my long-term series of blogs where I try to showcase the very best of Star Wars inspired photography.  Anyway, it’s time to make amends, and what better way to re-launch it than with this beautiful image by Nilsøn Lewiński, otherwise known as fullnilson.  I saw this when it was first posted on flickr and was immediately impressed by the stunning colours which replicate the original scene to perfection.  Here we see R2-D2, Chewie, and what’s left of C-3PO, heading toward the Falcon, pursued by the ever-reliably incompetent Stormtroopers.  I’m in awe of the soft-pink afterglow that Nilsøn has managed to produce, it’s just perfect.  I’ve always been fascinated by the weather, and have probably spent far too much time watching sunsets, and that probably accounts for my ongoing obsession with all things Cloud City.  All I need now is the long-awaited UCS Slave 1 and my life will be complete!


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