[SoNE] The battle of Mon Calamari

Mon Calamari - The Blue Depth, by MstrOfPppts, on Eurobricks


With the end of Episode VI of the Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka only hours away, and with some undecided planets, builders have been very active lately. Mon Calamari, for instance, has seen some beautiful builds. Above is Imperial MstrOfPppts’ depiction of the watery planet. It features some nice natural elements like the rocks, balanced by the simple architecture that unites the feel of Star Wars with that of Atlantis. The waving vegetation, the underwater life, and the expert posing of the minifigs really give the impression this is an amazing underwater scene, without relying on blue bricks. Building for the Alliance is LegoFjotten with his hallway below. It doesn’t feature excessive detail and in fact is rather sober, but it still looks realistic and beautiful. Perhaps it are the omnipresent straight lines in the building that make it stand out. Or maybe it’s the contrast with the equally simple and beautiful, but somehow different exterior where the sea is. Anyway, it’s a great example of a beautiful and streamlined vignette.

You see, SoNE is a fierce competition. I’m curious who will win. If you’re equally dubious, check out all of the details and the story of both builds, here for MstrOfPppts’ build, and here for LegoFjotten’s creation. Support them on their way to victory!

Mon Calamari fishing expedetion, by LegoFjotten, on Eurobricks

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