Star Friends

Creating mash-ups of two of LEGO’s most popular themes is a common thing to do, but they don’t always turn out well. However, this Lego Friends themed Landspeeder by Tyler Sky a.k.a. Bricksky is not one of those cases. His use of pink and light blue is fairly tasteful, and I could actually see it existing as a custom painted landspeeder in the Star Wars universe. The large engines make it look slightly “chibi” which adds to the cute feel of it, and using pets instead of the droids was a clever choice. You can see more pictures here.

Another impressive Star Wars / Friends mash-up comes from Veynom who converted the Ewok Village into a Club Med all-inclusive vacation resort. A very unusual mod for this set, but very creative and gorgeous looking. There are many details to discover, so check them out here. May the Friends be with you.


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