The Olympics come once a year

The steam has only just settled after FBTB’s MOC Madness, and here is the next event that will give us a huge amount of quality creations for the weeks to come. It are the MOC Olympics held by the German LEGO Star Wars forum Imperium der Steine. After the success of last year, this contest is back. Per round, builders can pick a category in which they will fight for glory. And as you’ll see, that fighting is taken very seriously.


Battle of Hoth, by markus1984, on Eurobricks


Blog regular markus1984 left Steampunk behind him and built in the category “Place your set”, just like StarWarsKev in the article below. Markus1984 only just said in his interview that he wanted to make a battle of Hoth diorama, and that is just what he did for his AT-AT set. It might not be the huge display he had in mind, but it certainly already is phenomenal. The texture of the snow alone is great, smooth and yet with small bumps and some dunes. The irregular edge with the contrasting black below makes for an awesome presentation. The trench really steals the show, however. Here the beautifully messy snow technique culminates with smooth weaponry in a realistic, action packed fighting scene. This is yet another astonishing build that strikes the perfect balance between smooth order and tasteful chaos. Have a closer look at it in the topic!


Short negotiations, by Disco86, on Imperium der Steine


Maybe Disco86 can be happy not to be in the same category as his colleague. Nevertheless, he only just went through a hard month of Iron Builder, and he already presents his next masterpiece. A representation from one of the Prequel Trilogy’s very first scenes is his entry in the category “build a 32×32 scene for a promotional minifigure”. Again, it is a very smooth yet detailed build. All off the shapes, from the panels in the wall, to the chairs, to the door, yes even to the perfect girders in the ceiling, are perfectly translated in the brick. And apart from the obvious beautiful detail on the door, elements integrated into the walls give it an amazing appearance. All in all, it’s the perfect stage for the TC-14 minifigure. Behold the MOC in its full glory on Flickr. All in all, I’m happy these two builds are in different categories. I really can’t decide which one I like most!


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