Ultimate Collector’s Scenery

Rebels landing on Endor, by StarWarsKev, on Flickr


We’re continuing the trend of scenery worthy of the UCS models it is surrounding. For his Imperial Shuttle, StarWarsKev decided not to build the usual Death Star hangar or Endor landing platform. Instead, he built a fantastic depiction of the small scene in which the Rebels first set foot on the forest moon of Endor. There are a lot of ways to build vegetation, but this diorama captures the Endor feel perfectly. There are of course the gorgeous and gigantic trees, but there’s a lot of clear space as well, where small bushes thrive. The variation in nature and size of the trees make for a realistic forest. The vast and yet varied ground coverage sells it all, with bushes and rocks, and the fact that it isn’t all green. We really have some ultimate collector’s vegetation here! Explore the forest in StarWarsKev’s Flickr album, and breathe in the healthy air of vegetation and ABS.


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