The tight trench

Attack on the Death Star, by Lord X, on Imperium der Steine


Have a closer look. Indeed, that is a LEGO creation you’re looking at. ‘Lord X’ built this glorious trench run diorama for the Star Wars Days at the Legoland Discovery Center in Oberhausen, Germany. Although the event took place at the end of August, he began building on this massive creation in March. The huge amount of time and dedication really shows: that trench is fantastic. There’s a great variety in details with pipes, holes, grills, antennas and other oddities, which is remarkable considering the limited source material. Better still, it succeeds in being more than just a wall of random details. There’s depth and structure to it, achieved by leaving gaps between panels of greebles, and filling them up with black. Together with the slight relief in the details, this makes for a highly chaotic but still manageable structure, true to the movie. The UCS Red Five and TIE Advanced soar beautifully through this realistic scene. Have a look at all of the pictures (including one of a marvelous turbolaser!) here, or witness all of the stages of conception and building on the WIP thread on Imperium der Steine (in German).


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