Letting off steam…

Steampunk Millennium Falcon, by markus1984, on Eurobricks


It’s over. But the Steam Wars MOC Madness competition at FBTB ended with a bang. For the finals, the four remaining builders could build anything Star Wars related. Eurobricks member and lord of the brick markus1984 spent 6 days on his amazing Millennium Falcon. It’s just as big and handsome as the official UCS set, considered to be one of the best sets to date. As a bonus, every possible surface (including the underside) is covered in delicious details, with pipes, grills bumps and tasteful studs. But there’s even more: this beauty is equipped with a full interior. Boilers, barrels, propellers and guns give it a very industrial and efficient look. One picture can hardly do all the clever details and creative touches justice. So indulge yourself in this topic.

Steampunk Sebulba's Boonta Steam Podracer, by Rolli, on Eurobricks


This article isn’t over just yet! Markus1984’s adversary, Rolli, stood up to the monster with a very impressive Sebulba’s podracer. It’s somewhat different from his usual clean builds, but he shows here that he masters dirty details as well. The expert use of color and the phenomenal construction of all the round shapes are admirable. The fact that each and every area got a lot of attention is incredible as well. Because not only are the big engines really well built and detailed, with a load of different textures, but the pod didn’t get left behind, as sometimes happens with this sort of creations. But Rolli gives us some more lovely engine detail there, along with a very nice looking cockpit. You can leave your congratulations in the Eurobricks topic.

After a month of pressure, markus1984’s Falcon won the race. Rolli has nothing to be ashamed of with his second place. Legopard won the duel for the third place from goatman461. It was a great contest with an incredible amount of stunning entries. There’s inspiration here for years. If you want to view all of the entries for the contest, you can check out the gallery. A big thanks to the organizers and the participants for giving us an amazing month!


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