She’s making the jump to real life

Super Star Destroyer Executor, on Kickstarter


Remember the incredible 13 foot (4 meters) Super Star Destroyer MOC by Foxhound, from half a year ago? It was a huge masterpiece, with details unlike anything seen before. Unfortunately, it was only a digital model. Presently, Foxhound has decided to take it a step further: the Executor is making the jump to real life. Apart from all the structural challenges, it will be very hard to get all of the 90.000 bricks together. For this, the creator needs help. That’s why he started a Kickstarter campaign. If the project reaches 15.500 CAD by the fourth of October, this amazing model will become a reality and visits shows around America. Keep in mind that this will be more than a personal MOC, and rather a work of art. If you want to support this project, go to the Kickstarter page. Perks include beautiful posters and instructions for Brickdoctor’s Star Destroyer MOC (on scale to the Executor model). And if you want to have a closer look at the model, the Eurobricks topic is the place to be.


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