[SoNE Episode VI] Bothawui: Friend or foe?

 SoNE Episode VI entry, by LegoFjotten, on Eurobricks


We’ve had over 40 entries for Episode VI of SoNE so far and, with over two weeks until the closing date, there’s still plenty of time to get involved.  It’s based across five of the less well known planets (Fondor, Ord Mantell, Felucia, Mon Calamari & Bothawui) and this has resulted in some very imaginative designs, due to the limited amount of reference material available.  Despite the size limitation of 16 x 16 studs, we’ve had some great entries so far, and this by longterm SoNE builder LegoFjotten is amongst the best that I’ve seen.  It shows him meeting two of my favourite Bounty Hunters, in a secluded part of Bothawui.  I particularly like the details of the building, including the matching lion heads on either side of the door, small arches and expert use of both shades of tan to give a weathered feel to it.  Head over to Watto’s Junkyard and have a look at the other entries.


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