Capital ships in a new dimension

Mini Venator-Class Republic Cruiser, by Rancorbait, on FlickrMini


Flickr user Rancorbait is an all-round expert in building digital models. He has made mecha’s, Neo-classic space ships, an Orthanc, and lately, some Star Wars mini models. He made some interesting models of the capital ships of the Republic and Separatist fleet, like the Venator and Invisible Hand above. With a limited amount of pieces, connected using some clever techniques, he doesn’t only manage to capture the shape of the ships perfectly. He decorates the nice models with incredible details as well, creating elegant and interesting models. You can see the nicely crafted shapes in the nose of the Invisible Hand, and the fantastic details on the Venator. There are some more models showcased on his Flickr, but I sure hope there will be even more of these small models with big ambitions!


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