All Terrain Awesomeness (Twice!)

All Terrain Aristocratic Traveler, by Rolli, on EurobricksSteampunk AT-AT, by markus1984, on Eurobricks


The Steam Wars madness on FBTB rages on! In the previous round, the eight competitors had to Steampunkify a walker. Rolli and markus1984, both German-speaking, members of Eurobricks and incredibly talented builders, both choose for the AT-AT. And it’s their entirely different view of the material that makes this fun. Rolli turned the feared war machine into an All Terrain Aristocratic Traveler (on the left), a luxorious cruiseshipwalker. It comes completely equipped with a cosy lounge, an exquisite kitchen, an observation deck and some firepower to keep the poor off. All of that is packed in a very nice looking shell. Both conceptually and aesthetically, it’s a beautiful model. The regal color scheme and the luxurious details nicely contrast with the structural and mechanical elements. Read everything in the leaflet in the topic.

Markus1984’s version (on the right) looks much more ferocious, a mobile fort armed to the teeth. It’s all powered by an amazing boiler in the back, that gives the beast its own character. His model also features some inspired parts usages, like the Rock Raiders cockpit, a cow catcher of a train and some nets. The overall texture is amazing, and it is admirable that each and every nook and cranny is stuffed with details. Enjoy all of them in the topic. To end it all in beauty: the two builders made it into the semi-finals, so there’s more to come…


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