[SoNE] Searching in the Outer Rim

Searching in the Outer Rim, by Disco86, on Eurobricks


Disco86 is one of those other very talented and busy builders. Not only is he participating in the latest round of the Iron Builder, but he has given us five amazing builds for the sixth episode of the Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka. The goal is to find Boba Fett, by searching on a vast quantity of planets in the Outer Rim. From industrialized Fondor (my favorite!) to vegetated Felucia, Disco86 managed to give each location its very own atmosphere. Still, all of the entries feel like they all belong together. Maybe it’s the same base recurring, but it might really be the consistent quality that gives away they’re all part of the same story. A story of two friends crossing the galaxy. That other friend is markus1984, who also has depicted his part of the story. So enjoy all of the ten amazing builds from Disco86 and markus1984, and have a great trip across the stars!


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