Mos Eisley spaceport

 Mos Eisley, by Rob Starwalker, on flickr


It was almost a year ago that I blogged Rob Starwalker’s Hoth MOC, and I’ve just found his latest creation on flickr which is equally impressive.  Rob has chosen another classic OT location for it, and this time it’s Mos Eisley!  The spaceport was described by Obi-Wan as a “wretched hive of scum and villainy”, which doesn’t sound that promising as potential holiday destination, but I’ll admit I’ve always had a soft spot for the place.  The buildings are beautifully constructed, and each has an illuminated interior.  It’s quite unusual to see a Tatooine-based MOC using the SNOT technique so extensively, although by using a mixture of tan and dark-tan tiles it looks very effective.  The MOC is packed with some great touches, and a wide array of minifigures, including a couple of characters from other Disney films which helps to bring it to life!  Head over to flickr and take a look.


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