Great Microfighters

Custom Microfighters, by turbokiwi


Love’em or hate’em, but you can’t say those Microfighters aren’t cute. And with the first list of rumored 2015 sets, there could be more of those little builds. What would those look like? Turbokiwi shows us what he thinks with his tiny wonders. They certainly look like the next official ones, equipped with flick missiles and all. The variety in ships and building techniques is remarkable. It can’t have been easy to ‘microfighterfy’ all of those Star Wars ships, with only little room for complicated techniques. But turbokiwi succeeded beautifully nonetheless, and there is not a single one of his fighters I don’t like. My personal favorite has to be the Imperial shuttle below. What’s yours? Find out all about these mini miracles on turbokiwi’s Flickr.

Custom Microfighters, by turbokiwi

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