[SoNE VI] Bounty Hunter Hunt!

 SoNE Episode VI, by MKJoshA, on Eurobricks


The details of Episode VI have just been announced, and it’s been hosted by a new recruit to the SoNE team, MKJoshA.  Apparently, in all of the confusion which followed the encounter with his son in Cloud City, Darth Vader forgot to send Boba Fett a ‘thank you’ card for locating Han Solo.  So, in this Episode he’s ordered most of the Imperial forces to search for him, along his pre-determined flight plan.  The Rebels have also managed to decrypt data containing his flight plan, and decide to join in the search for the notorious bounty hunter.  The contest allows multiple entries, depending on your XP, but all builds are limited to 16 x 16 studs.  New recruits to SoNE are always welcome, and the Rebels desperately need re-enforcements after their crushing defeat in Episode V, so choose a side and get building!


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