Hoth of the press!

Hoth News, by 'Unnamed Crewmember'


Most people don’t realize the Star Wars movies are just a certain depiction of what really happened. Take the battle of Hoth. An epic and glorious battle, says the movie. Just another day in the war, says Hoth News’ reporter ‘Unnamed Crewmember’. He shows that the battle wasn’t epic at all. The innocent, mis-understood Wampa’s (as we all know) were the real victims of this ‘battle’, this show. The men were cowards, rather getting served by a coffee droid than engaging in the snow. The men had no honor, rather mooning an AT-AT than shooting it.

Well, that’s just Unnamed Crewmember’s opinion. And he sure knows how to sell it. This impressive diorama started out “just as a backdrop for my AT-AT”. It turned out to be big, with lots of beautiful snow, footprints, flashing lights and moving parts. And what’s more, it turned out to be filled with tons of humorous details. Check out the topic on Imperium der Steine for the witty text (in German), or enjoy all pictures in his Flickr album. You can spend hours looking at all of the funny details, like Chewie’s issues with the bathroom, nervous Tauntauns and distracted employees. Be sure not to miss the video below. And most importantly, have fun!


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