Join the Steampire!

The first round of FBTB’s MOC Madness has just ended. With 58 high-level Steam Wars vehicles , it has been quite a success already. And there’s more to come: rounds with speeders, walkers and more fighters! I can’t wait. But in the meantime, let’s have a closer look at these two amazing entries by our German-speaking Eurobricks members.

Slave 1885, by Legopard


First off, we have MOC Expert Legopard’s Slave 1885 . Isn’t she a beauty? The skeletal approach is quite inventive, and definitely fits the Steampunk theme. It also gives us a look at the delicious technical details. That alone would be enough to make it an impressive creation, but there are some other brilliant details that pop out. There’s a great lantern, a little bit of functionality and even a gorgeous Victorian interior. The concept is amazing as well, since this is an entirely new way of looking at the Slave I as a vehicle, and a quite plausible one too! So this is truly an achievement in both building as in conceptualizing. Head over to the topic to discover even more details and congratulate the talented Legopard.

Steampunk B-Wing, by markus1984


If you regained consciousness after that amazing MOC, beware, because here is another stunning creation. This time, MOC Expert markus1984 presents his Steampunk B-Wing . With the colors and all the technical details, this really is Steampunk at its best. As if building a normal B-Wing isn’t difficult enough, this one is loaded with all kinds of pipes and propellers. What really sets it apart is the texture in my opinion. The tilted tiles, the nice configuration of panels, the barrels, the chains complementing the flex tubes… genius touches galore to bring the “used universe” into the Steampunk world, for our enjoyment. When you regain consciousness once more, this is the place to be if you want to discover, encourage or even propose. And I think I speak for every one, if I say I can’t wait for what the next round brings!


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