Introducing the (Neo-) Classic Trilogy

The Classic Cantina, by vitreolum


The immanent release of LEGO Ideas’ Exo Suit is getting almost every one quite excited. An aspect of this excitement are the numerous contest being held. We have our own Turtle Contest going on here on Eurobricks, and Brickset has a Neo-Classic Space MOC Contest running (until the end of the month, so you can still make it!). It’s for this last contest vitreolum made this wonderful Cantina in the Neo-Classic Space style. It captures the essence of the location perfectly, and while it is certainly similar to the Cantina set recently released, it has it’s very own character. The clean landspeeder with the nice details is one thing. The nice bar that connects curved, straight and detailed elements (and the Neo-Classic Batman Barman) is another. The icing on the cake are the minifigures that blend in really well with both worlds. The brick built droids are just adorable! It’s a pity there is a part count limitation in this contest, because I really would have liked to see a hovering Dewback! Someone?


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