A Slice of Death Star

Death Star Section, by Großadmiral Thrawn


Apart from Eurobricks, there exist other Lego Star Wars forums (!), like the German Imperium der Steine (‘Empire of the Bricks’). A lot of nice Star Wars ‘Eigenbauten’ (MOCs) are being built there, and they even have their own Lego Star Wars RPG! One of the most impressive MOCs I’ve come across on that site, is this Death Star Section made by ‘Großadmiral Thrawn’. With 300.000 bricks and 660 minifigures, it makes the UCS Imperial Shuttle look rather tiny. But there’s more to this MOC than its size. It’s incredibly detailed as well. The inside of the hangar, the smaller TIE and repair hangars, even the exterior of the creation… everything shows the immense amount of work and talent that went into creating this beautiful behemoth. The MOC is too good to do it justice here, so have a look for yourself on the Imperium der Steine topic, and discover all the details and easter eggs. And even if you don’t speak German, we all understand the language of the Brick!


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