Hast thou heard? The main reactor fails!

William Shakespeare's Star Wars


What if… Star Wars wass actually based on an undiscovered work by William Shakespeare?  Then you would get all of the great action and story served with the rich writing of the Bard.  Yes, the idea is quite absurd, but as of today you can see this vision become a reality.  Because on the first of July, Quirkbooks reveals the long awaited third part of the Star Wars trilogy: ‘The Jedi Doth Return’.  Having read the previous two books, I can assure you it just works, and I have no doubt author Ian Doesher has once again succeeded in bringing Star Wars with fantastic outdated language, witty dialogues and curious reflections.  It’s a fun read, but there’s more to it than meets the eye… on several occasions, these books have given me some incredible insights in the well-known story. So if you have $ 14,95 to spare, head over to your local bookstore and have fun!  And have I mentioned it comes with inspiring illustrations? I expect to see some Shakesperean Star Wars MOCs very soon!


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