(UCS) Millennium Falcon 7965

 Millennium Falcon, by Dario Del Frate, on mocpages.com


There have been several official versions of the Millennium Falcon, which isn’t surprising considering that it’s one of the most iconic ships from the original trilogy.  The current model (7965) is quite a nice little set although it does have a few flaws; most noticeably the size of the front mandibles compared to the overall proportions of the ship.  However, I’ve just found this MOC by Dario Del Frate which demonstrates how good a system-scale version could be.  It’s over twice the part count of 7965, at 2,800, and it’s packed with great details, including beautifully detailed feet!  The overall dimensions are excellent, and very close to the original model.  Head over to mocpages and take a look.


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