Blacktron TIE Fighter

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, an evil empire is on the rise. Conquering one world after another, it is threatening to take over the entire galaxy. Those who oppose the New Order are quickly silenced and punished. Comprised of an army of dedicated, ruthless men and a massive armada of powerful spacecrafts, there is nothing that can stand in their way. Those who dare speak its name call this empire… Blacktron!

This interesting mash-up mod was created by Bricks Of Awesome and combines a 9492 TIE Fighter with the color scheme of Blacktron I… at least halfway. I think the colors compliment the vessel quite well and the way he only modified one half of it makes it look like the Blacktron side is slowly corrupting the Fighter. You can see more pictures in his Flickr photostream.


One thought on “Blacktron TIE Fighter

  1. Thanks for posting this, glad you liked it. I really just ran out of yellow hinges but I guess it worked out.

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