C-3P0 – The early years

 C-3PO unfinished, by  Kazumi and Omar Ovalle, on flickr


To be honest, Episode I isn’t my favourite of the franchise, but there are a couple of moments that make it bearable.  One of these has got to be seeing little Ani showing off his partly-constructed protocol droid that he’s built himself from scratch, whilst having a full time job, helping his mum, and constructing a full scale podracer! Anyway, I’ve just found this bust by Kazumi and Omar Ovalle of C-3PO, and was instantly impressed by it.  The head is very well designed; with clever use of sloping elements for the exoskeleton, and just the right amount of hoses to replicate the mass of wires and circuitry.  Head over to flickr and take a look at everyone’s favourite droid!


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