Lowell TIEs

Are you familiar with the Lowell Sphere? Even if you haven’t heard the term, it’s very likely that you have seen the technique used somewhere. It is a Lego sphere design created by Lego artist Bruce Lowell that has been used in many creations since he came up with it in 2002, even in Legoland parks and The Lego Movie!

Since the cockpit of a TIE Fighter is basically just a sphere, it only seems natural to use this building technique to recreate the Empire’s most common starfighter. After perfecting the design for the past three years, that is exactly what Bruce has done. He recently shared pictures of his renditions of the TIE Fighter and TIE Interceptor. At this scale, this is probably as close to the shape of these vessels as you can get. You can see more views here and here, and on his website.

LEGO TIE Fighter
LEGO TIE Interceptor


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