Last chance of the droid, by j5k, on Flickr

For the last few weeks, North America has a bit of a cold snap.  Sometimes it might be hard to relate to an image, but after feeling -36C/-33F myself this last week it is pretty easy relate to jooka5000’s Last Chance of the Droid MOC.

Rook: Lighting, where you do stage lights? Side, front, back, etc.

J5K: When shooting a portrait I usually choose indirect lighting and in most cases just one light source. In a large snow footage I may use up to four or five different lights that all come from different angles. It may take several evenings to build a lighting for a shoot that is just right for that purpose.

Rook: Basic recipe is? Flour, sugar, other?

J5K: I usually use baking soda. I have made photos using flour, but for some reason it just did not work exactly as I wanted. You know how small these Lego mini figures are! If you want to have snow that looks to be somewhat in scale with the Lego, you have to use the smallest grain size possible. However, I have taken a photo using real snow and to my surprise, the image has been working very well ’cause it’s been very much liked!

Rook: Cleaning?

J5K: Cleaning up is one of the nastier sides about all this. None of the snow photos come out easy! I may spend three to four evenings in a row after work with a single snow shot only because the first day the shot looked somewhat fine to me, but on the next day I’m already wondering what if I did this or that differently, and the next day I’m thinking perhaps I could do this or that even better. The mess is really unfathomable. At the point when you’re wiping baking soda off of your computer, you know you’ve crossed your limit.



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