The Yoda Chronicles Review: The Menace of the Sith

Tonight airs the third and final episode of the Yoda Chronicles, and to celebrate this event we rebel bloggers have put together a review the last episode, The Menace of the Sith. Enjoy!

Piranha: After watching the second of three LEGO specials entitled the “Yoda chronicles”, I was curious how they would approach it, since they (TLG) were basically making up their own storyline. The good thing was, the concept of a Sith clone sounded interesting. I thought this episode was better than the first one. It had a better plot with less holes I felt. I did like the beginning on Geonosis and the whole capital ship opening scene of EP4 turned into a traffic jam. Grievous was mocked less in this episode which was good, because I never understood the reasons why he was in the first episode. Jek-14 had a more prominent role, rather than just a typical minion he was portrayed as in the first episode. The character development (if you can call it that) was good and actually made sense, he was partially created with a Jedi crystal, therefore wasn’t an indiscriminate Sith clone. Interestingly, instead of picking one side, he just wanted to be left alone, to build things. Which was a nice tie in to LEGO products. :laugh:. C-3PO’s scenes were probably my favorite in the episode, stepping back as youngling supervisor, leaving the role to Anakin. Anakin stayed true to his EP2 appearance to say the least. :grin:. I also liked what appeared to be the Invisible Hand being shown in this episode. I am not sure what continuity this follows but I am guessing early Clone Wars. The best joke for me, was Qui-Gon making a cameo as a Force Ghost. Overall, including the continuation of the younglings involvement in these specials, I would say this episode is on par with the original CN specials and better than the first Yoda Chronicles episode. It will be interesting to see where they go next with this storyline.

Oky: The second episode of the Yoda Chronicles picks up right where the last one left off, with the Sith continuing their plan to create an army of Sith clones, this time by cloning JEK-14, but JEK goes rogue, preferring to be neutral. I really liked the theme of using the force to create instead of destroy as it relates to both Lego and Star Wars perfectly. The climax was kind of anti-climactic and not nearly as cool as that of the first episode, but there weren’t any big plot holes like in the last episode as far as I could tell, so I really can’t complain.

Of course this was yet another glorified commercial for the current line of Star Wars sets, but I like how they utilized the sets in a way that made sense for the most part. They used the Malevolence as a Separatist capital ship instead of Imperial Star Destroyers this time and it was a clever idea to have Obi-Wan infiltrate the Separatist meeting in his Rako Hardeen disguise (although it was a terrible tease that he had his helmet here). I also have to commend them for making use of every minifig from the past year in this episode. They even managed to work the snow-astromech from last year’s advent calendar into it. The bounty hunter and special forces trooper from the JEK-14’s Starfighter set also made their first appearance, but to my surprise they were only minor side characters. I thought they would have a bigger role, but maybe they will in the next episode.

The jokes were a lot better in this one. They were cleverly written and some of them only true Star Wars fans will get, such as the “Happy Life Day” banner in Chewbacca’s home. As expected, they continued the running gags from the first episode, such as Palpatine constantly switching personas and the Jedi failing to see his secret identity. I liked those in the first episode and they are still funny. They even made the joke about Yoda’s inability to talk correctly work this time by poking fun at it and even having Yoda himself get frustrated by it. Once again, R2 delivered some of my favorite jokes in this, but Qui Gon popping in as a force ghost to give his two cents on Anakin’s development was just as hilarious.

Overall, this episode was quite enjoyable. The story was sound, the jokes were clever, and it had a nice message. These Lego Star Wars specials keep getting better and better, so I can’t wait to see what they will do in the third episode!


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