The Eurobricks Star Wars Forum Blog is proud to announce a new feature and category: LEGO CUUSOO: STAR WARS Projects. Next year will mark the 15th anniversary of LEGO’s licensing agreement with Lucasfilm LTD, during that time a variety of sets have been produced recreating scenes from the films, television series and games. Therefore submitting a original idea on LEGO CUUSOO for a Star Wars product can prove to be difficult. LEGO CUUSOO is a platform operated by LEGO where fan created projects can be uploaded and supported by users. Should a project reach 10,000 supporters it will qualify for a official review by LEGO, where they determine if the project has the potential to become a real LEGO product.  The first project we have selected to showcase is this finely built model “Star Tours” created by CUUSOO user HJR-Holland.  Star Tours is a Star Wars themed ride featured at the Disneyland Park in California, USA. His model is based on the original Starspeeder 3000 ride and features some interesting building techniques and play features. The ride doors open up just like on the real ride. It also features a selection of minifigures. If you like his idea and wish to support it, please visit his official CUUSOO page.


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