Motorised AT-TE!

 Motorised AT-TE, by VanTim, on Eurobricks

I’ve always had a soft spot for my 10178 AT-AT, not only because it brought me out of my dark ages, but it’s one of the few SW sets that does something!  I’ll concede that it’s not the most accurate version of the AT-AT, but it really walks, albeit in a laboured manner!

Anyway, new EB member VanTim has managed to motorise the new AT-TE (75019), and the result is highly impressive.  There’s obviously a lot of hidden modifications, but he’s managed to retain the majority of the exterior shell.  The post also includes a video to show it in action; although I was starting to feel sorry for the battle droid towards the end of it!  Head over to the SW forum and see why.


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