Sandtroopers, by smokebelch, on flickr

Classic Photography

Next in my series of classic SW-related photography is this beautiful image by Mark Holden, aka smokebelch.  He has an extensive flickr photostream which currently exceeds 1200 images and, although Mark has covered a wide range of subjects, he’s best known for his work with minifigures.

Mark is a genuine master of lighting and composition; his photos are always beautifully sharp and have a definite style to them.  Somehow Mark is able to breathe life into what is, let’s be honest, just expensive moulded plastic!  It’s been very hard to select a single image from his collection but I think that this is one of the best, the lighting is just perfect.


One thought on “Sandtroopers

  1. Why doesn’t lego make great sets like this anymore? I think it is a travesty that they have left out iconic ships such as this one, Mon Calamari Criuser, and the rebel transport ship from the original trilogy. Amount other sets that could be awesome!!!!!!!!!!y

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