Another cavegod Masterpiece

 Rebel Transport, by cavegod, on Eurobricks

Several months ago Master Builder cavegod published some photos of his latest UCS WIP, a GR-75, or more commonly known as a Rebel Transport.  Although it was still in the early stages, it was already looking up to Pete’s excellent standards.

Well, after what seemed to be a long wait, we can now see the final model and it’s just beautiful!  I can appreciate why Pete has struggled to complete it, due to the very unusual shape, but it’s genuinely the best version that I’ve seen.  The mix of colours on the hull is just right and helps to re-create the ‘weathered’ look of the original model, and the level of detailing is superb.  Head over to the Star Wars forum and take a look. 

Credit to DrDaveWatford for the great photos.


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