Another UCS Masterpiece

 UCS Speeder Bike, by Anio, on EuroBricks

Master builder Anio has just published photos of his latest UCS project, and this time it’s a 74-Z Speeder Bike.  Although it’s appeared in numerous Lego sets, it’s most commonly known from Episode VI Return of the Jedi.  So, it’s very fitting that Anio’s finished it this month, as it’s coincided with the release of the new Ewok Village.

Comprising approximately 1700 parts, the design is superb.  It’s one of those MOCs where the more you look, the more cleaver details you’ll find.  In particular, the intake and exposed section underneath are beautiful.  The Speeder Bike has lots of odd angles, and contours, and Anio has succeeded in replicating these perfectly.  Head over to the Star Wars forum and have a look at the other images of this stunning MOC.


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