They’re heading for the SHIPtember frigate!

SHIPtember Mon Cal Frigate, by Rook
For SHIPtember (a month during which builders concentrate on building Seriously Huge Investments in Parts, craft longer than a hundred studs), Rook built a craft inspired by Mon Calamari capital ships like Home One. It doesn’t have the distinctive organic look of a Mon Cal ship, but it still looks very plausible as a Star Wars craft and as a Rebel ship — reminds me a bit of the Recusant-class. I see the resemblance to the Mon Cal inspiration, I see lots of the angular style typical of the Original Trilogy, and there’re these exposed crates near the nose that remind me of the Gallorfree transports. Very smooth, with tasteful use of stickers and colors. I love those protruding trans-blue angular bubbles on the sides; though I can’t decide whether they look more like hangar bays or really big viewing galleries. Maybe they’re both.

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