Iconic Image

 Lego Star Wars by smokebelch on flickr

Mark Holden, aka smokebelch, has just uploaded this truly beautiful image onto flickr.  If memory serves, it’s based on the classic image Lego used for the 10th Anniversary sets including 7754: Home One Mon Calamari Star Cruiser and 8038: The Battle of Endor.

I’m a little lost for words to be honest, it’s just stunning!  The lighting and composition are amazing, and it’s the best use of the Death Star globe from the Planet series that I’ve seen to date.  This has raised the bar for Lego Star Wars photography to another level.


2 thoughts on “Iconic Image

  1. Thanks for the blog post- glad you like the shot 🙂
    This shot was originally from a year or so ago- but I just added some ‘light’ to the Lightsaber blades, looks much better with this 😉
    Think the original got a mention here on the blog too if memory serves.
    Thanks again!

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