TIE EV/U by Ļit on Flickr

Flickr member Ļit has just published some photos of his MOC, which was a new variant of the TIE fighter.  Although it was originally built in April 2012, it’s the first time that it’s been seen on Flickr.

I like the design; it retains enough of the TIE ‘pedigree’, but is different enough to be really interesting.  It’s influenced by Darth Vader’s modified version, but includes a detachable escape pod which is located behind the cockpit.  Also, Ļit appears to have finally solved the flaw in the standard TIE design, by attaching a cannon to the rear of the ship, which would have been really handy against the pesky rebels!

There are several other photos of the build, so head over to Flickr and take a look.


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