List of Rumored 2014 Sets

Member Klaus dieter has posted a list of upcoming sets that he got a look at, presumably from the retailer’s catalog. You might remember that he’s had access to that catalog before in past years. He says,

“I had the chance to read through a list for next year’s SW sets (first half only). But regrettably I didn’t see pics. So the whole information I remember is posted here. Please don’t ask me about more details since I don’t know more. I did already post information on all City sets and some Friends sets. At set names of other themes I didn’t look at.

Planet sets?

Imperial Star Destroyer
Kashyyk Trooper
DS Trooper

System scale sets

General Grievous Bike
Vulture Droid (or Planet set)
V-Wing (or planet set)
Droid Gunship
Republic AV- ?
Battle of Seludca ?

It’s really a shame that we won’t get any System scale OT set in the first half of 2014!”

Read and discuss in the Pictures and Rumors thread on EB.


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