2014 AT-AP Unveiled at SDCC

2014 LEGO Star Wars AT-AP
The first of the 2014 Star Wars sets to be unveiled is an AT-AP, shown today at San Diego Comic Con. It’s scheduled for a March 2014 release at $69.99, with 717 pieces.
Update: The information we had on the March 2014 release appears to have been erroneous. Looking at this picture by Allen Tran, the sign clearly says that this is a January 2014 release.

My opinion? I have to say that I’m surprised at the choice of set to unveil there — the last two Comic Cons saw the unveiling of iconic and much-demanded sets (the updated TIE/ln, the Queen Amidala minifig, and the Rancor [with its pit]), while the AT-AP has but a fleeting appearance in Sith.

Discuss in our Star Wars forum.

(Thanks to member CM4S for the tip and to The Brothers Brick for the picture and set details.)


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