Photography Update!

The Dark Side of Luminara, by Oky

I figured it was time for an update on some of the photos we haven’t blogged recently. (Both because we’ve missed them and because we don’t want to see every other post being a photography post, with LEGO photography being one of those things that sees a lot of activity and new content.)

So, from EB’s Star Wars photography thread is Oky’s latest Dark Side photo, The Dark Side of Luminara, now made possible by the new Old Republic Jedi Consular minifig. He’s done an especially good job on this one — even the mold mark is lined up.

Range Day, by Bryan_PSF, on flickr

A newcomer to our flickr photography pool is Bryan_PSF, who’s done Range Day, a new take on the Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy concept and part of a 365 project. (In which a photographer posts a photo in one theme every day for a year.) The physical pointer and the paper target add an almost quaint feel to the picture that I think works well.

The Storm Breaks Through, by delgax, on flickr

And something of a veteran from our flickr photography pool, delgax, posted The Storm Breaks Through, a continuation of his experiments with corridors. I love the additions of color with the lime green containers, and the scan lines are effective and not distracting.


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