X-wing and TIE/ln…biplanes?

Two unconventional Great War planes, by Bogwing, on Brickshelf

Brickshelf user Bogwing presents two World War I-Star Wars crossover fighters, the Insworth and Combs (InCom for short) Experimental Wing Arrangement, or Ex-wing, and the Thueringische Industrie-Erzeugnisse TIE/dII, based on a couple sketches from DeviantArt. (sketches are in the Brickshelf folders) We see a fair amount of crossovers from World War II, because of its role in inspiring the Star Wars films, but World War I, not so much. I like that Bogwing doesn’t try to exaggerate the fighter’s features too much in making them look like X-wing and TIE, so they look somewhat plausible. (especially the TIE, which looks like a biplane flying wing, something I could see as a German experimental aircraft, although most of their experimentation was from World War II) The Ex-wing flies with the conventional tail end in front, by the way, if it wasn’t clear.


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