Micro-scale Battle of Hoth!

 AT-ST by joffre0714 on Brickshelf

“It’s a bit nippy out here, I thought that this planet was called Hot?”

Brickshelf builder joffre0714 has created a very cute Battle of Hoth diorama using the micro-scale minifigures included in set 3866. 

For the Imperial forces he’s constructed an AT-ST, Probe Droid, E-web blasters and, of course, a Speeder Bike.  The outnumbered Rebels have a trench, anti-infantry laser battery, P-Tower laser cannon and a tauntaun.  I particularly like the AT-ST, which makes a fleeting appearance in the original version of the film, and the laser battery which has some great little details!

There’s 10 other photos in the folder, so head over to Brickshelf and take a look.


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