Miniland-scale Ubrikkian 9000 Z001

Ubrikkian 9000, by Ryan Ziegelbauer, on flickr

I think the Ubrikkian 9000 is actually a lot less obscure than it would seem. Maybe it’s because of the distinctive 2001-inspired shape and name. Regardless, it’s still impressive to see one done well in LEGO, because that distinctive shape that makes it more recognizable than you would think also makes it difficult to render in bricks. The not-quite spherical shape, the textures on the bottom half and the protruding windows on the top half. I think that in his MOC, Ryan Ziegelbauer has done a great job of building those intricacies, especially with the studs that represent the texture of the bottom half and the Miniland style at the same time.

Don’t miss his other Miniland-scale creations, either, such as these recent additions:


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