A Recent Take on Brick-built Tauntauns

There used to be a time when brick-built Tauntauns were a popular subject to build, and a must-build for many FOLs who attempted Hoth dioramas. I remember that FBTB ran a poll on the most demanded minifigs (This was before their big site switch; I think it was around ’06-’07.), and the Tauntaun beat out true minifig concepts like Queen Amidala. But 2009 brought a molded Tauntaun, and the brick-built ones have all but disappeared, so it was definitely interesting to see these recent brick-built Tauntauns by Brickshelf user bm000000. They’re a little less bulky and a little more smoothed out than I remember the older ones were, but they retain that blocky (in a good way) feel that is characteristic of brick-built animals and can fit in so well with LEGO when done right.


One thought on “A Recent Take on Brick-built Tauntauns

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