Looks like a few Tusken Raiders have camped out on the canyon dune turn!

*gasp* I used a quote from Menace! I feel so dirty. What am I becoming!

Right, the MOC. I’m not sure how many readers will remember Clegg Holdfast’s KV9T9-B Wasp, as built here by Legopard. I myself vaguely remember a quote from the start of the race along the lines of “Clegg Holdfast, and his Volvec KT9 Wasp!”, but the line appears to be absent from the script of the movie and I don’t have the movie to check. In any case, Legopard’s done a beautiful LEGO version of the vehicle. There’re so many greebles and little bits used, but they’re all arranged in some very smooth, almost elegant LEGO circles. I also really like the color variation between dark and bright reds.


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