Get to da LAAT/i!

I’m not sure if the builder, Kit Bricksto, was going for this or not when he built his LAAT/i, but I love the more studded, blockier look of the model. With the cheese slope cockpits, the large amount of exposed studs, the 3-wide Lowell sphere ball turrets, and the thicker proportions of the bay door done in SNOT, the model comes together cohesively in a style that I almost want to call “retro”, from before all the more fancy shapes of bricks were released. But there are also the subtle touches of modern shaping here, like the curved slopes in the nose and dorsal area behind the cockpits, the ribbing at the back of the engines, and the slight angling inwards of the sides of the wings. And those touches fit in with the blockier style of the model, and sort of prevent it from looking blocky in a bad way.


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