I got a little cooked, but I’m okay!

Star Wars Chibi vehicles and figures have grown more popular in the past couple of years; you may remember that EB member M<0><0<DSWIM, who we often feature on this blog, has done a lot of work in the building style. But I never get tired of seeing the classic vehicles compressed into the Chibi form, as in this MOC by flickr user Jedd (trapjaw!). Something that stands out to me is the use of curved bricks on the nose and around the hull beneath the cockpit — normally those should be angled sections on the ‘real’ X-wing, but they work well as curved shapes in this Chibi creation. The Death Star base is a great addition, too.

And yes, fellow Star Wars nerds, I used a quote (taken from the builder’s description) by Red Five to refer to an MOC of an X-wing with the wing markings of Red Three piloted by a minifig with Gold Leader’s helmet.


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