DK’s 2013 Star Wars Books

The above is a sample page from DK’s upcoming book LEGO Minifigure Year by Year: A Visual History (Thanks, badbob001!) It’s not a Star Wars-only book, but it does have at least one page (And seeing how this one is only 1999, I expect there are a lot more.) dedicated to Star Wars. Additionally, the book is supposed to come with “three classic minifigures”, and it looks like the Stormtrooper is one of them. (View the cover here)

Also coming from DK later this year is LEGO Star Wars Brickmaster: Battle for the Stolen Crystals. I’m assuming that that’s a Yoda Chronicles-themed book. Discuss in the DK books thread or in the Star Wars 2013 Rumors thread over on EB, and view the whole DK licensed catalog here (PDF, includes non-LEGO books, too.)


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