Steampunk AT-RT

Here’s the latest from M<0><0<DSWIM, a Steampunk AT-RT. I think he’s done exceptionally well in this steampunk MOC not just at integrating the steampunk machinery that looks like it could work, but in a smaller vehicle like the AT-RT, he’s interpreted shapes of the ‘real’ vehicle as themselves being steampunk machinery. The smokestacks instead of antenna (which could be a little taller, almost like on Mississippi paddle steamboats, but still genius), the boiler has the side vents in the same place as the ‘real’ AT-RT has ribbing (though I’m not sure I would want to sit directly on top of the black metal of the boiler), the Gatling gun instead of the repeating blaster cannon. And I love the use of lots of hoses and pistons, the perfect way to steampunkify the way this walker is able to move.


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