He’s more machine now than man…

Darth Vader, by Omar Ovalle, on flickr

You might be tempted when looking at this model to call it a shortcut or a juniorization to use the prefab Technic Darth Vader helmet. But remember, this is still a System MOC, and the Technic pieces still have to be integrated and the builder must keep the model’s style cohesive. Omar Ovalle’s done well in that respect in his bust of Darth Vader. It definitely helps that he also uses System parts prominently in the head in addition to the Technic, and I love the way that cheese slope between the eyes continues the lines of the helmet’s center ridge.

If I have any nitpicks, I think it would be that I would have liked to see some slight offsets/staggering in the line of curved slopes making up the gorget/shoulder armor/collar, as the ‘real’ thing curves slightly and offsets would help break up the slight blockiness. Other than that, another fine addition to Omar’s collection of busts.


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