You can see here the Brickplumber’s work on the forest moon of Endor.

Brickplumber may be more famous for his massive Hoth diorama, but he’s been working on his Endor diorama for a while, too — an Endor diorama just as massive and, in my opinion, even more impressive to look at, with the high trees and the vibrant greens mixed in with greys and browns, the iconic scenes almost hidden among the foliage, as opposed to the stark white snowscape of Hoth.

For LEGOLAND California’s Star Wars Days, he’s updated the MOC with “10 new big trees and about 10,000 new elements to detail it”, and he’s posted a few photos on flickr. In addition to the incredible size, you have to appreciate the attention to detail as well. I love the varying height of the terrain and the different types of flora; it’s easy to get caught up in the large buildings (and trees, in this case) when building big dioramas and forget about the base, but Brickplumber avoids that.


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