The Incredible (Daily) Photography of Kevin Boots

The above is the latest example of the excellent photography of Kevin Boots. Love the distance from the subject with the clump of grass blurred in the foreground, as if the viewer was hiding in a bush looking at this scene as it happened, and Bag End fits well into the Endor setting. And it is also Day 839 in his ongoing daily photography project.

I remember when I first started blogging, in fall 2011, several months after Kevin started his first Star Wars 365. (A ‘365’ is a project to post a photo every day for an entire year.) I was inactive on flickr for a long time, I recently started looking at more content there while blogging more often, and he’s still going, well into his third 365.

His photos are humorous and he takes outstanding shots with everything from DSLRs to an iPod touch. Examples:

That’s a very good reason to keep your helmet on.

Boba gets all the girls.

Well this isn’t as dangerous as Endor.


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