Clone Outpost

I hesitated when I first saw the thumbnail for this one, seeing that it was a clone base by someone named ‘LegoBoy505’. But I clicked on it, and I think he did a pretty good job. For some reason I really like the curved trans-blue window. The landscaping is also well done, and what stood out to me originally. It’s not overdone, but it’s still a nice compilation of different techniques… the landscaping and the base seem to be brought together very well. The base itself doesn’t seem revolutionary in design, but it seems like it belongs in this location. While it might not be as wowing as some other types of dioramas, it’s definitely more than your average ‘clone building on a base’ sort of creation.

I still had doubts about blogging this, but for one reason or another it seemed like a well-thought out creation to me, which is not something that usually strikes me when viewing these sorts of clone bases on various planets, so here it is.


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